Images By Tracy Lovett
LifeScape Portraiture

LifeScapes are a beautiful blend of portraiture and landscapes, hard to explain in words, but very resonant to the soul. We start by shooting an appropriate portrait, and then looking through my own personal stock of images that will compliment and transform that portrait into something more. Something unreal and magical. 

Because each LifeScape is created individually, through an art process, we do not sell the resulting digital files. These pieces are truly art, and we offer either prints on matte fine art papers, or on hand-stretched canvas. Both are produced in-house, so when you commission one, you are receiving an image conceived, created, and born right here, at our Studio. Because of the detailed nature of these images, we have set a minimum size of 11x14 so as not to lose the breathtaking nature of the piece. 

LifeScape Investment is based upon a single subject in each image. With JUST the right posing, it is possible to do more than one person in an image, but the price WILL be higher than listed below. We highly encourage you to choose to do one person per print--it allows the art-form to shine.  

Please contact us if you would like to schedule a brief, complimentary LifeScape Portrait Session (10 minutes, In-Studio work). We can also begin the process during a regularly scheduled Senior Session, Family Session, Baby Session, etc. Just let us know beforehand that we need to shoot some images specific to LifeScape Portraiture. 

The sizes listed below are “standard” sizes, but we can certainly do other sizing, like tall, skinny prints, or wide horizontal images. 

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LifeScape Fine Art Paper


LifeScape Stretched Canvas ¾” deep OR 1 ½” deep, customer’s choice