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Do you like the idea of Family Portraits happening on your terms, at your home, in a short time increment, and with no Session Fee? Porch Portraits may just be the right choice for you. During the past spring, we decided to "take our show on the road", so to speak, with Family Portraiture, reaching out to our customers from a safe, social distance. We scheduled specific days for specific small communities around Sidney, gathered names and addresses of those who wanted to have their photos taken, developed a time schedule, and set off for each of those towns to work a little photographic magic. Porch Portraits are the result!

If you are interested in having us come to YOUR town, and to your home, we need a couple things to happen. 1st, let us know. 2nd, contact your neighbors and friends and tell them that you want to participate, so you would like THEM to participate as well, and 3rd, work with everyone, including us, to develop a firm date and a schedule. We prefer to have at least 10 families who would like this service in a single town to make it a worthwhile afternoon, but we can do a small Session fee $10-$20 per family location) if you cannot gather 10. We will create an hourly schedule with each location in a town, and then, when the DAY arrives, we will work through that list of locations and families, making terrific Porch Portraits at every stop. We spend about 10 minutes with each family, and then move on, doing 3-4 families per hour. We use our longer focal length lenses to maintain good social distancing with our customers. 

If all of the families would rather meet at Waubonsie State Park, 7 miles from us, we can certainly do the same type of Session, but in a woodland park setting. We would need 5 families to make it happen with no Session Fees. 15 minutes per family, fun and done. 

After we make your portraits, we take a week to edit every family's set, post them in Private Galleries, and you purchase exactly what you want. We have Digital Packages, Prints, Canvases, Books, and other products to suit your fancy. 

Please let us know if we can set up a Porch Portrait Session for your town!